Youtube Throwback Thursday

Just an all around classic here. Wonder how many takes it took for my man in the track suite to nail that smile point combo. He seems like the type of dude to sit around that Ihop all day just getting free coffee refills and knows every employee on a first name basis.

Happens to look over and see Larry Fitz make a hands team play and can’t resist to show him some love. Huge smile, a power point, and a booming “Nice hands, Larry!” Gets me everytime.


This video speaks for itself. Pure gold start to finish. Can’t believe Marshawn is calling it quits when he has at least one more contract left in him, but at least he’s getting a shoutout in this super popular blog. Silver lining city.


Brutal draw for this kid. One minute you think you’re a hero and just going through the motions on a school tradition. Next thing you know you’re forever known who was aggressively jerking off into a bell. Everywhere you go you’re the masturbating bell guy. Wouldn’t surprise me if this dude hasn’t set foot in the state of Texas since.


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