Hood Olympics Just Got Real

Holy shit. I knew what was coming and that still blew my doors off. Hit me square in the face like Iron Mike. My man just hurdled a fence. I always thought the hurdles in track and field were too high, but Clark Kent over here just made me feel like even more of a below average white man. He basically jumped over 2 of those track hurdles stacked on top of each other.

Hard to tell how old this kid is, but if I had to guess it seems like he would be a freshman/sophomore in high school.Who knows I could be dead off. What I do know is that he just clean hurdled a fence that most Americans over the the age of 25 would have trouble climbing, and based on everything I know about the human body, this kid isn’t even close to his prime.

Get Uncle Wayne into the dunk contest one time, because my man has BOUNCE.


Not sure which bar is higher, but the Kenyan High School High Jump Team could give Uncle Wayne a run for his money.




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