2016 Investment Plan: Scratch Offs 2/23/16


January Results

Nearing the end of month 2 and we have yet to see any ROI so far. In fact we are $74 in the hole. Completely underwater and sinking faster than a mafia corpse. I’ll tell ya I got the spirit of Bernie Madoff managing this investment strategy.

I tried to mix it up and pick a few different scratchers, but the CA lottery took me to the woodshed. Bent me over a barrel and showed me the 50 states. Rawdog with no vaseline.

Last nights bloodbath:


(Tickets on the far right are in the “winning pile”)

  • 4 $1 monkey scratchers…only wining a free ticket
  • 3 $2 lucky numbers….0/3 on those and never buying them again
  • 3 $5 “Set for Life”scratchers….only winning a free ticket

$25 down the pipe. My only silver lining was on one of the $1 monkey scratchers and one $5 “Set for Life” I won a free ticket, so I had to waddle my ass back to the liquor store and pray to God that the 2 new tickets would come through for me. You can also just take the cash value as opposed to the free ticket, and in this case that equals out to $6. Anyone who takes that option should be shot in the face. There are millions up for grabs and you’re gonna walk away with $6? Chug bleach.

This was the first time I didn’t play with one of the books and it seems to have cost me. I saw an Instagram ad for “Set for Life” tickets and they sold me. The prize here is $20,000 a month for 25 years. Obviously that is gonna get heavily taxed, but having free money every month until I’m 50 wouldn’t be too shabby. My hook up at the liquor store said nobody has won big yet on the SFL’s so I’ll be keeping those heavy in the rotary.

They say February is one of the worst months for investors so I’m glad we waded through that shit storm. We’re on to greener pastures with March on the horizon. Would be nice for Uncle Sam to throw me a bone, but again this isn’t for the weak.

Persistence. Persistence. Persistence.



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