This Army Obstacle Course Is Insane

I’m so out of breath from watching that I don’t even know where to start. These guys come so hot out of the gates it’s hard to even fully appreciate how difficult these obstacles are.  They both get over that first obstacle in 6 seconds which is absolutely bananas, and they don’t even climb down the ladder! They just jump from the top, right into the sand pit. How those knees feeling? Then they full sprint, dive, and crawl under those ropes. That honestly was the most impressive part to me. How do they move so fast on all fours?

We get to leg two and both teams are pretty much neck and neck at this point, and these new guys both match the intensity. Pure upper body strength climbing over that log that’s about 8 feet high with no foot support. After that its a full sprint across a 10 yard balance beam, nbd. And on, and on, and on each obstacle tougher than the last.

These guys keep it pretty tight for most of the race and it blows my mind how good they are at some of this stuff. It would take me a good 45 minutes go get through that entire deathtrap, which is why I’m gonna go celebrate by eating a Costco hot dog and thanking God that these guys are on our side.

PS-Costco hot dog and soda for $1.50 is best food deal in the history of the universe.


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