Jedi With a GoPro Is Every Star Wars Fans Dream

I was doing some Saturday morning internet surfing and came across this reddit thread claiming to show someone using the force in 1st person. If you have ever seen Star Wars that 100% means you’ve always been a tad bit curious to try out what it would be like to have Jedi powers. Unfortunately, the reality is the closest most of us will ever get is waving our hand in front of the automatic doors when we’re walking into to a grocery store. No shame in admitting that by the way, we’ve all tried it at some point. It felt kinda cool for a second.

The gif alone is pretty cool showing what would happen to 99% of the Star Wars universe if they were to fight Darth Vader. He cuts your hand off, chokes you out 10 feet up into the air, and then slams you down into the ground so he can finish the job. Standard protocol, Darth being Darth.

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. After diving a little deeper I found the two videos that the gif originated from, and they do about as good of a job as you possibly can having a 200 million budget and the best special effects team Disney can buy.

So far there are only two parts in the story:


The guy who made these videos definitely delivered. He gives you everything you could ask for, and showcases almost all the moves within the Jedi arsenal that your average Star Wars fan would want to try.

He force that what you call it? I didn’t even know Jedi could do that. However you say it he sprints at super speed (non politically correct Star Wars term, deal with it). Dude also kills a shit ton of Storm Troopers either by reflecting their own lasers back at them, decapitating them, or my personal favorite just using the force and flinging them as far as he can.

The best part by far was him stopping the Tie Fighter mid flight, ripping the wings off, and then forcefully (see what I did there) ejecting him from the cockpit and tossing him away like a post masturbation kleenex.

All around a great couple minutes and a cool use of a GoPro that’s not your typical skiing or skydiving video. Blows my mind how people can make these types of videos. I have to google how to embed videos and gifs into a wordpress blog, and this guy is out here snapping necks and fighting Vader.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this type of POV technology used in an actual movie either. If a couple guys with a GoPro and some special effects software can make videos this good, imagine how sweet a theatrical version would be.


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