#Coolin 3/11/2016


Every now and then I like to go on Instagram and check out some of the posts under #Coolin. Real good crowd in there doing all types of different activities. From time to time I will highlight a few standouts in this series.


greek_the_god basking in the moment but also reflecting on his super lit night wearing a pokemon hat and 3 bandannas yo.


Got a European Bar Mitzvah coming up? I know a guy and I’m pretty sure he’s available.


Jug Life or die


forgot about the fact that this picture is being taken in the women’s department and realize that his username is “dadrianw_theoldschoolfiend86”


 One man wolf pack


Maybe this guy and the wolf pack can meet up and become friends


Translates to “My little cool” 


Jellyroll letting the #coolin community know he is pretty deep in the friend zone


Raw. Sexual. Power.


If he’s always been a loner then who took the picture? 


You know this guys always #coolin because it’s literally in his name


Whose got it better than us? Nooooooobody!

  • there’s no chairs at the table
  • is the car on fire?
  • how did that umbrella fit in the car?
  • is that an axe in the ground?
  • is this the best picnic of all time?



Civil War Trailer #2 ft. Spider-Man

I have been meaning to cover more movie news on here and for whatever reason I’ve been slacking. That L is on me, but from here on out I will pick up the pace. I have seen all of the Marvel movies to date except Ant-Man because I have no interest in a guy whose power is just to shrink. Hard pass. Plus we already made a movie about that in the 90’s.

As of this morning Marvel released trailer #2 for their upcoming Blockbuster Captain America: Civil War and it brings a lot of heat. This movie seems to feature almost everybody from Avengers: 2, except for Hulk and Thor. In this 2 minute clip we see a whole bunch of people:

Old Friends:

  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • War Machine
  • Hawkeye
  • Black Widow

Semi-New Friends:

  • Vision
  • Bucky (winter soldier)
  • Falcon
  • Ant-Man
  • Scarlet Witch

New Friends: 

  • Spider-Man
  • Crossbones
  • Zemo
  • Black Panther (Trump ’16 Supporter)

That’s a whole lot of stuff to wrap your head around and fit into one movie, which we have just been informed this will be the longest Marvel movie to date.

I don’t really care about the general plot of the movie as it seems like a of political shit about how the Avengers scare everybody and they need to be slowed down. Nobody is gonna see this thing for the plot anyways. This looks like it will take awhile to get going and the first hour or so will be slow, but I’m willing to bet that once we wade through the more boring political plot lines we will get some sweet sweet CGI action.

I’m also hyped to seem Spider-Man finally make it into one of these things. He is a first ballot super hero HOF’er with a lethal set of powers and a witty and sarcastic vocabulary. I would be all in favor of a Spider-Man/Deadpool crossover down the road.

With all of these trailers and movies being thrown at us, there is no better time than 2016 to be a comic book movie fan. We just had Deadpool, which exceeded the hype in my opinion and is a flat out fun movie to watch that you don’t need to take to seriously. Not to mention there are a ton of movies slated for release one after the other for years to come.


Batman vs. Superman is up next. It looks like a flop to me and I don’t know you how in the world you can replace Bale with Aflec, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see it in a few weeks.

Very quick and not thought out list of best superhero movies so far:

  1. Dark Knight
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. Avengers 1
  4. Iron Man
  5. Deadpool



PS- Captain America sucks









Kraft Changed the Mac ‘n Cheese Recipe and Nobody Noticed

via CNN  “Notice anything different about your mac & cheese lately?

No? Don’t worry, nobody else did either.

 Kraft Heinz removed artificial preservatives, flavors and dyes from its mac & cheese recipe in December. To keep its yellow-orange glow, Kraft swapped out artificial food colors, including yellow 5 and yellow 6, for natural spices like paprika, annatto and turmeric.

The new mac & cheese also doesn’t use artificial preservatives. (It maintains the natural preservatives, however, including 1,710 mg of sodium, which is 72% of your daily recommended salt intake.) The company has sold more than 50 million boxes of the new mac & cheese so far.”

Well it’s pretty safe to say nobody saw this one coming. One of the oldest and greatest snack/drunk/high/poor people foods underwent a major overhaul and not one person noticed. They sold 50 million boxes and everyone was too stoned to noticed all that new paprika and annatto floating around in their bowl! Side note: if you are ever at the point in your life where you have to eat Kraft mac ‘n cheese off a paper plate it is time for you to seriously re-evaluate your situation.

Its actually pretty amazing considering the number of people who eat this stuff all the time and have no idea whats in it. However after some thought and careful research I have concluded you can say the same for almost every food label . Nobody actually reads the label and if even if you do there’s a fat chance you know what any of that stuff even means.

This past Sunday I was laying in my bed hungover, drinking some Body Armor in an effort to re-hydrate myself. Why Body Armor you ask? There are two reasons:

  • Kobe drinks it
  • It tastes good

You can apply that sales pitch to almost any product in the world and it will be a guaranteed best seller.

Back to Sunday. As I went to crack open my second bottle of the delicious fruit punch flavored sports drink, I asked myself, what the hell am I even drinking? First thing I did was read the ingredients label:

body armor.jpg

“Nice ok we got some water in here and it’s filtered that sounds pretty good. Uh, cane sugar might be bad for me but it probably makes this thing taste good so whatever. Coconut water, that’s perfect now my hangover has no chance of survival! Uh we got some dipotassium something, well it says its an electrolyte and those give you energy I think. Couple more electrolytes, vitamins and juice stuff sounds all good I guess?”

I got about halfway through before I realized I had no idea what any of that stuff is at all, so I turned the bottle around:

body armor 2.jpg

That’s what I’m talking about. Plain and simple English. I know what all of these things are and I know they are all good for me. Fuck an ingredients list.

I don’t care if you’re Kraft, Body Armor, or any other company. Nobody knows what the hell they’re eating half the time anyways. As long as you can fool the FDA with fancy names for things on the ingredients label for stuff that is most likely bad for me, that works just fine.

I have no idea what ingredients this guys is using to make me a burrito at 2am, but I know that it’s gonna taste good. So what do I care what’s in my Mac ‘n Cheese? As long as it tastes good the majority of America will most likely continue to eat it.